Beta version of VBM5.1 toolbox

A beta version of the new VBM5.1 toolbox can be downloaded at the download section.

Update for VBM5

If you tried to process multiple files using the option “VBM: Write segmentations only” the tool crashed. I have removed this bug and the new version 1.03 is available at the download section.

Additional functions in VBM2

I have added some additional functions to VBM2 to check data quality and to transform and threshold spmT-maps. The new version 1.06 is available at the download section. Check the VBM2 website for some help.

Bugs in segmentation of VBM2 fixed

There was a bug in the longitudinal segmentation of VBM2, which caused a crash if you tried to segment more than two subjects.
Furthermore, the CSF images in cross-sectional and longitudinal segmentation were not masked which is neccessary for the HMRF approach. This resulted in classifying noisy regions outside the brain as CSF. Gray and white matter images were not affected.
It is recommended to update VBM2 to version 1.05 available at the download section.

New Updates for VBM2 and VBM5 to solve memory problems with HMRF

The HMRF calculation was still too memory demanding. I have rewritten the HMRF algorithms for VBM2 and VBM5 to save memory. For MR images with 1 mm spatial resolution you need at least 512 MB RAM.
The new versions 1.03 of VBM2 and 1.01 of VBM5 can be downloaded at the download section.

Update for VBM2 Toolbox

The HMRF calculation for the first segmentation step of raw images was too memory hungry. I have removed this first HMRF computation which should be without impact on the segmentation results. The final HMRF step of the normalized data is still included. Furthermore, I have added an option to the “create customized template” function to delete temporary files after template computation.
The new version 1.02 of VBM2 can be downloaded at the download section.

VBM toolboxes for SPM2 and SPM5 released

The VBM toolboxes are a collection of extensions to the segmentation algorithm of SPM2 and SPM5 (Wellcome Department of Cognitive Neurology) to provide voxel-based morphometry (VBM). The toolboxes are named according to the SPM version. The software was developed by Christian Gaser (University of Jena, Department of Psychiatry) and is available to the scientific community under the terms of the GNU General Public License.